Our Principles

One of our primary goals is to preserve the variety of local native genotypes. Therefore we collect from a variety of populations across the region but we always keep the information about where the specific plants were originally collected (the provenance). We collect native seeds responsibly from local wild populations maintaining and preserving the locally adapted genetics. We keep the records of where our seeds were collected so preserve managers can know the locality of the sources.

We believe in being accurate and honest about where our seeds come from. Preserve managers will always know exactly how local the plants we are providing are.

We strive to collect and grow not only the common or showy species but also the less showy or lesser known species that may not be available in commercial nurseries.

We never collect from rare, threatened or endangered populations except by special request from the preserve manager. Preserves may request that we grow from their rare populations in order to enhance the local population. In these cases, the plants are grown only by our most experienced growers.

We only select restoration sites that are preserved from development and are protected from deer browse in some way. This ensures that our plants have the best chance of fulfilling their roles in the ecosystem.

We never charge public parks and preserves for our plants or our volunteer planting work days although monetary donations are always gladly accepted.

We do not at this time sell seeds or plants. In the future we may sell plants or seeds as a fundraising activity.