LAST UPDATE: 7/7/2023 8:45 pm

The following is a list of items that Wild Woods Restoration Projects needs for 2024. If you decide to purchase or provide one of these items to us, please let us know your intent right away, forward the purchase receipt, or email us at, so we can update the list and avoid duplicate purchases.

Every item provided or purchased for us allows us to save money to be spent on other things, and you have the satisfaction of knowing exactly what your donation paid for.

Packages can be shipped to the attention of Linda Rohleder, 219 Clove Road, Salisbury Mills, NY 12577.

CategoryDescriptionQuantityEstimated Unit CostLink
Supplies & EquipmentMetal Shelving, for potting shed & to hold seedling flats (2 year germinators)2169.00 eachPURCHASED
Supplies & EquipmentFolding plastic chairs, Black, for potting area & workshops1225.00 eachPurchase at BJs (members only)

* Ship to Monroe,NY store and we can pick up
Supplies & EquipmentFolding plastic table, 6-ft, Black, for potting area165.00Purchase at BJs (members only)

* Ship to Monroe,NY store and we can pick up
Supplies & EquipmentE-Z up tent canopy1249.00PURCHASED
Supplies & EquipmentExtention cord, heavy duty, 100 ft, outdoor125.00PURCHASED
Supplies & EquipmentShovels230.00 eachPurchas at Lowes
Supplies & EquipmentShovels, drain spade649.60 eachPurchase on Amazon
Supplies & EquipmentSoil knife, for planting events1012.00 eachPurchase at Home Depot
Supplies & EquipmentStorage bin, Hefty, High rise, 40 qt. for transporting flats and soil (these are the only ones that fit a flat of plants)108.50 eachPurchase at Target
* Deliver to Monroe,NY store and we can pickup.
Supplies & EquipmentMixing bins, for soil mixing and washing pots518.00 eachPurchase at Home Depot
Supplies & EquipmentBag of peat-free soil2018.00 eachReturn to Donate Page to Donate funds
Supplies & EquipmentLandscape weed-block fabric, 6x100 ft189.00Purchase at Lowes
Supplies & EquipmentGo-Pro camera
Gift CardsHome Depot25.00 - 200.00Purchase at Home Depot
Gift CardsLowes, e-gift5.00 - 200.00Purchase at Lowes
Gift CardsTarget25.00 - 200.00Purchase at Target
Gift CardsGreenhouse Megastore25.00 - 200.00Purchase at Greenhouse Megastore
Gift CardsTractor Supply, e-gift5.00 - 200.00Purchase at Target
Gift CardsStaples, e-gift 5.00 - 200.00Purchase at Staples
Office Supplies & EquipmentProjector1
Office Supplies & EquipmentProjection screen1
Office Supplies & EquipmentLaptop PC Computer, MS Windows 111PURCHASED
Office Supplies & EquipmentFlat-screen monitor, as second screen for laptop1PURCHASED
Office Supplies & EquipmentLaminating machine150.00DONATED
Office Supplies & EquipmentLabel maker, such as Brother P-Touch1
Office Supplies & EquipmentClipboards, pack of 327.00 (pack of 3)PURCHASED
ServiceConsulting Session: Human Resources Professional familiar with NY laws. to help us prepare for having an employee1
ServiceLogo design1IN PROGRESS
ServiceConsulting Session: Non-profit Accountant1
ServiceDesign our Solar system for the Greenhouse1
ServicePlumber, Lay underground pipe and install faucets to extend water to growing area. Salisbury Mills facility1