Volunteers learn the skills and build the confidence to grow their own native plants. Volunteers are involved in growing native plants and planting them in parks and preserves to help restore the habitats. The experience of taking a seed and caring for the plant all the way until its planted in a restoration planting connects our volunteers to the land and provides a powerful way of contributing to restoring our forests.

  • Volunteers can help scout natural areas for populations from which we can collect seed.
  • Volunteers help during group work days to plant and pot up plants.
  • Volunteers grow native plants in pots for us at their own homes under our guidance. All that is needed is a small space (10” x 20”) in a partly sunny spot outside. Volunteers learn how to simply and inexpensively grow their own native plants.
  • Volunteers can earn plants for themselves or a favorite park or accrue credits equivalent to 20% of the plants that they grow. For example, if a volunteer grows 10 of our plants, they can receive 2 plants for their own use. They may also give their earned plants or credits to a favorite local park or preserve. By participating they not only learn but also earn and thereby gain the ability to help their local natural areas.
  • Volunteers also help dig up and pot rescued plants at areas where development is planned.